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Immigration Lawyers

The Immigration Attorneys at Apsan Law Offices provide exceptional legal services, in New York City , Newark, NJ and Coral Springs, FL, in all aspects of immigration to the United States, including non-immigrant (temporary visas), immigrant visa (Green Card), and deportation defense. The Immigration lawyers are based in Newark, NJ and Astoria, NY the firm represents both business and individual immigration clients around the world. The team is led by Moses Apsan, Esq., past president of the Federal Bar Association (New Jersey Chapter from 1997 to 2002), a 30-year member of the American Immigraiton Lawyers Association (AILA) and staffed by experienced immigration lawyers and paralegals. Moses Apsan writes and lectures nationally on various aspects of Immigration law. The firm has been featured in articles about immigration in newspapers and magazines as well as been feature in and hosted countless television shows on immigration laws, both in the U.S. and in Brazil. Immigration Attorney Moses Apsan has over 38 years of immigration experience and is licensed to practice before the immigration courts in all 50 states. Bianca Piccoli-Mako is licensed in Brazil and in the United States and is Mr. Apsan's partner in Florida..  She has many years of immigration experiences working closely with Moses Apsan.  Together they form a formidable team.

Our website is a practical database of informative information about the U.S. immigration laws and procedures. The site clarifies many aspects of immigration laws, such as how to: obtain a temporary visa, become permanent residence - Green Card (through marriage, relatives, employment, investment, asylum and the green card lottery) and become an American citizen. For those in need of deportation defense our experienced immigration attorneys are ready to defend you and for those in the country illegally in Immigration Court. We have been extremely successful in the new I601A waivers for those that entered illegally and married a U.S. citizen.

Our staff is multilingual, with New Jersey,   New York a and Florida immigration lawyers and paralegals that speak Portuguese (falamos portugues) and Spanish (hablamos espanol).

Our immigration lawyers have assisted thousand of clients in the United States and throughout the world, to resolve their immigration problems by using our vast immigration experience to craft the best immigration strategy to fit the needs of each and every client.

Our offices are located in Manhattan, New York and in Newark, NJ  and Coral Springs  FL,  however, we provide telephonic and videoconferencing consultation anywhere in the world.

Thank you Moses Apsan“Mr. Apsan is the most well known attorney in the Brazilian community. He has faithfully, for more than 30 years, assisted untold numbers of Brazilian individuals and businesses to resolve immigration and business matters. His reputation in the community reaches the highest professional and ethical standards…”

                                                       Dario Campos
                                                                        Vice-Consul of Brazil in New York City

Immigration News Blog
Unexpected Opportunity for Pilots to Obtain Green Cards in the United States
A unique opportunity for pilots from every edge of the globe to acquire U.S. lawful residency (Green Card) has emerged. Currently there is an increasing scarcity of pilots in the United States, which ...
It came as a surprise to Joseph Monetti (name changed for privacy) when he found out that his wife of 10 years and mother of three of his children, would not be granted legal status in the Uni...
WASHINGTON — In the midst of a passionate political struggle about DACA, the program that protects from deportation young immigrants who, as children, were brought illegally to the Unite...
New I-601A Waiver Keeps Immigrant Families Together
Helena Santos entered the U.S. though the Mexican border in 2005. Years later she married an American citizen. They now have three children together. Helena’s husband took her to an immi...
“Forward, or Backward?” - The GOP Descent into Immigration Madness
The Greek philosopher of Ephesus ( 500 BCE), is best known for his doctrines that “there is nothing permanent except change.” Not so with the Republican Party. As the world transforms, an...
Donald Trump and the H-1B
Donald Trump has been very vocal with his opinions about the H-1B visa program. He has not been clear in terms of what his actual plan for the program is, but earlier this year he was quoted...
Supreme Court Decision would affect millions here illegally
WASHINGTON— The intense political fight that would    affect millions of people who are in the United States illegally arrives to the Supreme Court on Monday. The court will decide th...
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