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Is your lawyer licensed?

Fake Lawyer Arrested

A fake lawyer for the "Real Housewives
of New Jersey" stars
was arrested last
week. Mark J.
McGuire, 53, had allegedly
the police that he was an attorney

Every American lawyer is licensed for practice in some State, but very few, if any, lawyers are licensed to practice in every state.  The question raised regularly is whether a lawyer licensed in state A is also licensed in State B.  Traditionally this answer would be determined by contacting the local bar association of the state.  That still is a way to do it, but now, it can be done quicker, easier and less expensively by researching the online database of a State.  These databases multiply quickly.  Practically unknown in the decade of 1990, today there exist over 44 active databases. 

The question is… Where do you find these databases?  Many times, the information is supplied by the bar association of the State, but at times the data is originated from the judicial system of the State, disciplinary agencies or state bar examiners.  To simplify this research we have organized the following list of lawyer databases, which include the telephone number of each states licensing authority.

Notice:  If you find your lawyer in one of the following databases, your work is completed.  If the lawyer is not listed, however, you should call the telephone number to determine conclusive, if the lawyer in question is registered in that State.  Due to privacy worries, some States permit that their lawyers, to opt out of the  online database.

Although this guides focus is to help you determine if a lawyer is licensed to practice in a particular State, there are many others kinds of databases online specific to a State in which information about a particular lawyer can be obtained.


Many of these resources can be found in the website.


Alabama State Bar, 334-269-1515

Alaska Bar Association, 907-272-7469

State Bar of Arizona, 602-340-7239

Arkansas Judiciary, 501-682-6849

State Bar of California, 213-765-1200

Colorado Supreme Court, 303-866-6554

Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee, 860-568-5157

Clerk of the Supreme Court of Delaware, 302-739-4155

District of Columbia
D.C. Bar, 202-626-3475

Florida Bar, 850-561-5832

State Bar of Georgia, 404-527-8700

Hawaii State Bar Association, 808-537-1868

Idaho State Bar, 208-334-4500

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, 312-565-2600

Indiana Supreme Court, 317-232-5861

Iowa Judicial Branch, 515-725-8029, (press “2” for a directory of subjects, then “3” for attorney information)

Kansas Attorney Registration, 785-296-8409 or

Kentucky Bar Association, Membership Department, 502-564-3795

Louisiana State Bar Association, 800-421-5722 or or 504-566-1600

Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, 207-623-1121. Please note: Maine provides an Attorney Information Search that lists all attorneys ever admitted to practice in Maine. However, you must call the Board of Overseers to determine if an attorney remains in good standing.”

Client Protection Fund of the Bar of Maryland, 410-260-3635

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, 617-728-8750

State Bar of Michigan, 800-968-1442

Minnesota Judicial Branch, Lawyer Registration Office, 651-296-2254

Mississippi Supreme Court, 601-359-3694

Missouri Bar, 573-635-4128

State Bar of Montana, 406-447-2211

Nebraska State Bar Association, 800-927-0117

State Bar of Nevada, 702-382-2200

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Bar Association, 603-224-6942
New Hampshire Supreme Court, 603-271-2646

New Jersey
New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners, 609-984-2111

New Mexico
State Bar of New Mexico, 505-797-6000

New York
New York State Unified Court System, 212-428-2800

North Carolina
North Carolina State Bar, 919-828-4620

North Dakota
North Dakota Supreme Court, 701-328-2221

Supreme Court of Ohio, 614-387-9320

Oklahoma Bar Association, 405-416-7000

Oregon State Bar, 800-452-8260, ext.0

Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 717-731-7073

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Bar Association, 401-421-5740

South Carolina
South Carolina Bar, 803-799-6653

South Dakota
State Bar of South Dakota, 605-224-7554 or 800-952-2333

Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, 615-361-7500 or 800-486-5714

State Bar of Texas, 800-204-2222

Utah State Bar, 801-531-9077

Vermont Judiciary, Attorney Licensing, 802-828-3281

Virginia State Bar, Membership Department, 804-775-0530

Washington State Bar Association, 800-945-WSBA

West Virginia
West Virginia State Bar, 866-989-8227

State Bar of Wisconsin, 608-257-4666

Wyoming State Bar, 307-632-9061

Footnote1Finding Lawyers: Directories, Web Sites & State Bar Sources,, December 17, 2001.


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