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Taking the civics test for naturalizationThese are sample written questions for the new citizenship test. Understand that the examiner can make up an sentence to be written. However, they are always simple sentences.. The official vocabulary that is used to construct the sentences is available at the USCIS website.

Unfortunately USCIS does not publish sample sentences for the writing portion of the new naturalization test. These questions are from prior client interviews.

At the interview the examiner will review the application in detail, checking it for accuracy and completeness. He may request certain documents such as divorce decrees and documents regarding any criminal records.

You will then be tested on your ability to read and write English. You will have to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of conversational English as well as be able to write simple sentences.

1. Columbus Day is in
2. We pay taxes
3. The President lives in the White House.
4. California has largest population in the United States.
5. New York City was the first capital.
6. Washington is the father of our Nation.
7. Washington is on the dollar bill.
8. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves 9. California has the most people 10. Lincoln was the President during the Civil War
11. The people elect Congress.
12. We have one hundred senators.
13. There are 100 senators in the US Senate.
14. Citizens can vote 15. I live in the United States.
16. George Washington was the first president.
17. The White House is in Washington D.C.
18. People vote for the President in November.
19. The President of the United States is elected by the people.

20. Independence Day is in July.
21. Canada is north of the United States. e
22. Washington is the capital.
23. The American Indians lived here.
24. Thanksgiving is in November.
25. I love to live in America.
26. People want to vote.
27. Alaska is the largest U.S. state.

If you had a problem with either the English of the history or government parts of the interview, the case can be rescheduled one more time. 

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