It has arrived: Same Sex Marriage with Immigration Benefits - Gay & Lesbians Rejoice
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It has arrived: Same Sex Marriage with Immigration Benefits


After many years of disappointments, Gay and lesbian couples will finally be able to file for their same-sex spouse. When the Supreme Court removed a portion of federal law that denied federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples, it simultaneously opened the pathway for legalization for hundreds of thousand of illegal gay alien.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano happy to hear that discriminatory sections of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was struck, said “"This discriminatory law denied thousands of legally married same-sex couples many important federal benefits, including immigration benefits,"

Ms. Reno’s voice was heard load an clear when she infprmed the press that USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service), which processes the visa application for all foreigners, will begin permitting U.S. citizens to petition for their same-sex couples just like any other married couples.

Napolitano opined, "Working with our federal partners, including the Department of Justice, we will implement today's decision so that all married couples will be treated equally and fairly in the administration of our immigration laws."

Moses Apsan, an immigration lawyer with expereince in deportation cases involving gay/lesbian immigrants was seen as he left the Immigration Court in New York, with his client who faces deportation. Mr. Apsan explained that his client has been married to his same-sex partner since New York permitted same-sex marriages. The client who is currently facing a 10 year deportation from the United States because he overstayed his visa, will now be able to terminate the deportation hearing and process his marriage application through the immigration service as would any other hetero sexual marriage is able to do. “DOMA will finally be put to rest and thousands of married same sex couples will be able to begin living in the U.S. a “married” couple and not as ‘partners.’"