Crew member Visa - C-1/D
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Crew member Visa - C-1/D

Normally, a foreign citizen who desires to enter the United States must first acquire a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. Crew member (D) visas are non-immigrant visas for crewmen working on board international airlines or sea vessels in the United States, that intends to depart the United States on the same vessel or some other vessel within 29 days. If you are a crewmember traveling to the United States to join the vessel you will work on, you may additionally be required a transit (C-1) visa or a combination C-1/D visa.

  • The crew members covered with this visa are:
  • pilot or flight attendant on a commercial airplane
  • captain, engineer, or deckhand on a sea vessel
  • lifeguard, cook, waiter, beautician, or other service staff on a cruise ship
  • trainee on board a training vessel

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