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The G nonimmigrant visa


The G nonimmigrant visa classification is for representatives of international organizations as well as their dependents.. To be eligible for a G visa, the purpose of your intended visit the United States must part of your established duties. Permanent mission members of a recognized government international organization may be eligible for a G-1 visa. Representatives of recognized government traveling temporarily to attend meetings of a designated international organization may qualify for G-2 visas as well as representatives of non-recognized or non-member governments are eligible for G-3 visas. G-4 visas are issued to individuals that are proceeding to the United States in order to undertake an appointment at a designated international organization, including the United Nations. See the listing of designated International Organizations by going to here.

Please note that U.S. visa law indicates that if a visa applicant is entitled to a G visa as a principal or dependent, he or she must receive a G visa.

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