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Moses Apsan, Esq. Newark Immigration  Lawyer

Moses Apsan and his staff provide exceptional legal services in Newark, NJ in all aspects of immigration to the United States, including non-immigrant (temporary visas), immigrant visa (Green Card), deportation defense and Dream Act applications.

Our Newark Immigration lawyers fight for your right to stay in the country.

The Newark Immigration Team is led by Moses Apsan, Esq., past president of the Federal Bar Association (New Jersey Chapter from 1997 to 2002) with over 28 years of experience in all aspects of U.S. Immigration & Citizenship Laws.

  • Our staff is multilingual, with Newark and New York immigration lawyers and paralegals that speak Portugues and Spanish.


Moses Apsan Newark Immigration Lwyer newark immigration lawyer

We can assist you in the following areas of immigration law:

Newark  & New York Deportation Lawyers

Success Depends on Experience and Dedication 

One of the most stressful and frightening experiences a non-citizen and his or her family faces is the prospect of forced deportation from the United States. Moses Apsan has been representing Newark immigration clients facing deportation for many different reasons. Defending the deportation requires experience in providing a proper and aggressive defense. Assistance is provided for cases were the deportation is based upon illegal entry, overstay or violation of visa, fraud and criminal conduct.  We will prode your with the best deportation defense.

We use many strategies in defending the client.

Moses Apsan writes and lectures nationally on various aspects of Immigration law practice. He has served as Secretary, Vice-President and President of the Federal Bar Association, New Jersey Chapter (1997-2002). His immigration television show on Dish Network has been on air for more than 10 years and has an audience of over 25,000 for each show. He writes an immigration news column for and many other Brazilian newspapers. His videos on immigration laws are widely viewed on, and Google videos

Our offices are located in New York City, Newark, and Union City,  New Jersey are conveniently located near major transportation hub. However, our clients reside throughout the United States and the world and telephonic immigration consultation can be arranged.

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Moses Apsan and his staff, based in New York City and Newark, NJ provide exceptional legal services throughout the world, in all aspects of immigration to the United States, including non-immigrant (temporary visas), immigrant visa (Green Card) and deportation defense. In addition Mr. Apsan, has been practicing Bankruptcy law and Divorce laws for over 35 years, He was the President of the Federal Bar Association, New Jersey Chapter (1997-2002). He speaks Portuguese and Spanish..

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