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Physical Therapist H1-b Information

Physical therapists are generally eligible for an H-1B visa, since the bachelor’s degree is generally a minimum standard requirement for that occupation in the United States. An H-1B visa is available when the occupation requires a bachelor’s degree and the applicant has the same or teh equivalent degree. Physical therapist in another country are required to first submit your educational credentials to a U.S. state therapy board for a temporary license or permit.  (A list of state therapy boards is available on the Federal of State Boards of Physical Therapy website).  Once are granted a permit, you can apply for an H-1B visa to work in the United States.  Upon entering the United States, you will have to take the state licensing exam, and then renew your H-1B visa.

There are three basic stages to complete in order to secure American therapy jobs as a physical therapist. Each includes working with agencies or groups-from FCCPT to FSBPT-to be eligible for our American therapy jobs.

1. Verifying Credentials
2. Obtaining a License
3. Immigration Approval

1. Verifying you Credentials is done by a board approved agency to verify that your education is equivalent to a U.S. granted Physical Therapy degree. Every state has somewaht different requirements for the number of hours in each subject and the breakdown of clinical requirements. Each state also authorizes specific credentialing agencies they work with. Basically they approve the FCCPT or the International Credentialing Associates plus one or more of the following agencies.

FCCT - Foreign Credentialing Commission on PT
P. O. Box 25827
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (703) 684-8562

International Consultants
of Delaware, Inc.
109 Barksdale Professional Center
Newark, DE 19711
Phone: (302) 737-8715

International Credentialing
Associates, Inc.
7245 Bryan Dairy Rd., Park #2
Largo, FL 33777
Phone: (727) 549-8555

International Educational Research
Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 3665
Culver City, CA 90231
Phone: (310) 258-9451 Fax: (310) 342-7086

2. Each state has specific requirements which can include English competency tests as well as specific hours from credentialing. You are also required to register with the FSBPT to take the NPTE (National Physical Therapy Examination). Once the candidate's file is completed, including the state including application, fees, English Tests (if required) and other state requirements, the state will contact the FSBPT to obtain permission to take the test. The FSBPT then sends an "Authorization to Test" letter to the candidate. The candidate will then contact testing firm Prometric to schedule an exam date. Currently the FSBPT exam is only given in the U.S. and Guam.

3. Once the candidate has successfully passed the NPTE and has received a licensethe company can file for an H1B visa for the candidate. Physical Therapists are now required to present a visa screen with applications for H1B approval. Currently there are two sources for the Visa Screen for Physical Therapists: FCCPT and CGFNS . The visa screen also compares your education to U.S. education and you are required to pass:

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
TSE (Test of Spoken English)
TWE.(Test of Written English)


FSBPT (The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy)
You are required to register with the FSBPT to take the NPTE (National Physical Therapy Examination).


VISA Screening Sources
Physical Therapists are now required to present a visa screen with applications for H1B approval. Currently there are two sources for the Visa Screen for Physical Therapists:



English Language Testing Service
For TOEFL, TSE and TWE testing.

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